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la piccola banda

piccola banda metafisica : crazy germans' italian blasmusik


the piccola banda metafisica presents itself as a shrinked-to-fit, globalized version of the big, traditional brass orchestras from northern italy. the reduced line-up allows for a seriously extended scope of musical freedom without ever loosing the typical brass-orchestra sound of trumpet, tuba and clarinet. the bandas repertoire spans from tuskan waltzes and mazurkas via alpine classics, prussian marches and cuban revolutionary hymns to raving paso dobles.


every eventual aspect of musikantenstadelei is exorcised out of those traditional tunes by an extremely unshackled and, in the same moment, dauntless grasp. in this way, a new perspective is opened and evidence is provided that this kind of traditional brass music, although popular, can also be out in the wild and quite staggering...

  • udo moll - trumpet
  • annette maye - clarinet
  • carl ludwig hübsch - tuba
  • dirkpeter kölsch - drums