trumpeter composer sound artist


Florian Ross - grand piano, looper, delay      Udo Moll - trumpet, laptop, synthesizer

inf.loop       Florian Ross - grand piano, looper, delay         Udo Moll - trumpet, laptop, synthesizer


although Florian Ross and Udo Moll know each other for a very long time, inf.loop (short for infinite loop) is a veraciously fresh project. 100% improvised electro-acoustic music - this program combines elements from minimal techno with contemporary jazz and cinematic soundscapes.

central for this duo is the exploration of rhythmic energies emerging from reductive, superimposed patterns and the inherent dialectics of "repeat / interrupt". the narrative stability provided by this structure gets undermined, though, by occasional derailments of undisguised romanticism. this is easy-listening avantgarde. rich in dangers and beauty.



 "Florian Ross kicks off the new year with a novel duet recording with trumpeter Udo Moll, made up exclusively improvised-on-the-spot selections featuring a grand piano, trumpet, loops and delays. In the hands of lesser talent, a project like this could be a mess. But Ross holds everything admirably together, even producing some well-integrated pieces like "Turn" and "Blues." Moll meets the spirit of things with some inspired improvisations sounding not unlike late Miles Davis. This is a difficult way to make music and make it work, but Florian Ross  and Udo Moll always manage to find a way." (