trumpeter composer sound artist


das mollsche gesetz & telefante - Heines Sklavenschiff


Heinrich Heine’s epic poem Das Sklavenschiff is a text that undulates magnificently between grim humor, satire and a merciless critique of socialism and capitalism. It nevertheless contains extremely soft, lyrical imagery and numerous burlesque scenes. The epic poem form provides a structure of its own, which is interwoven and held in check by the structural framework of das mollsche gesetz.
Parts of the music are composed, but improvisation repeatedly opens windows into the unforeseeable. The structure provided by das mollsche gesetz serves to keep the overarching dramaturgy intact. 
The video artist’s work can be witnessed in its development live on stage and occupies itself with rediscovering myth and aspects of magic in creating images from light and shadow. The technology used for this is a prototype of a Laterna Magica, which not only incorporates analog (foils, drawings...), but also digital imagery. This method gives the video work a handmade touch and an aura-like effect often missing in modern digital productions.