trumpeter composer sound artist


das mollsche gesetz & Sidsel Endresen, Elliot Sharp, John Tilbury, Maria de Alvear, Wolfgang Mitterer, Institut für Feinmotorik


catalogue of improvisation was a concert series consisting of 6 performances where das mollsche gesetz invited their favorite musicians and media artists to collaborate in different renderings of its conceptual frame. the guests were:

Sidsel Endresen (Oslo) - voice
Maria de Alvear (Madrid) - voice
Elliott Sharp (NYC) - guitar & clarinet
Wolfgang Mitterer (Vienna) - pipe organ & electronics
John Tilbury (Deal) - piano
Institut für Feinmotorik (Düsseldorf) - turntables
telefante (Caracas / Bogota) - video

all concerts were documented and released as a cd with printed catalogue by the german label WERGO